Deepika is tired of comparisons with Kareena

Deepika is tired of comparisons with KareenaBy Subhash K Jha

Though Saif Ali Khan’s first home production Love Aaj Kal stars Deepika Padukone with Saif, it’s been Kareena Kapoor who’s constantly been talked about not because Kareena has anything to do with the film but because she’s not in it. 

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This constant reference to a Rebecca-like presence in Love Aaj Kal has irked Deepika and she has apparently been wondering to her friends if Love Aaj Kal should be dedicated to Kareena!

Laughs Deepika, “Yes, this must be the first film in the history of cinema where a leading lady is so much talked about for not being in the film.

No, I’m not annoyed by these never ending references to Kareena. When people see the film I know they’ll come out talking about me and my performance. Imtiaz Ali was very sure he wanted only me in the film. ” 

Deepika for the first time lets out a secret. “Imtiaz was so sure he wanted me for the part he had offered me Love Aaj Kal even before my first film Om Shanti Om was released. Even before seeing me on screen Imtiaz knew I was right for the role. So there was no question of any other actress being in the film. ” 

Even Saif has gone on-record with his wistful yearnings for Kareena’s presence in Love Aaj Kal. 

Sensible and strong-headed to the hilt Deepika reasons, “Considering Saif is in a relationship with Kareena isn’t it understandable if he wanted Kareena in Love Aaj Kal? 

They’ve worked together in the past. And I’m sure he wants to work with her in his home productions. As for Kareena, if I was in her place I’d feel the same way. Don’t I want to work with Ranbir? ”

However she adds, “I wanted to work with Imtiaz long before Jab We Met when I saw his first film Socha Na Ttha.

As this wide-eyed teenager I remember seeing the film and wondering who the director was. I remember many year ago when I was a model Imtiaz had offered me a film. At that time I wasn’t ready for an acting career”. 

Deepika’s subtext is loud and clear. Imtiaz discovered her potential long before he discovered Kareena for Jab We Met. 

Says Deepika, “In fact when I had told him I was’t ready to join films Imtiaz had said, ‘When you’re ready let me know. ’ He kept his promise. That’s how I got Love Aaj Kal. So now I’m not affected by people talking more about Kareena than me “

Deepika says she has too much on her plate to be bothered with what her colleagues are up to. “I’ve been trying to finish off everything and go to London to shoot for Sajid Khan’s House Full.

I get tired of my schedules sometimes. I may be an athlete