Akshay Kumar's price reduction comes with a catch

Akshay Kumar`s price reduction comes with a catchFollowing the mega recession faced in the industry many top stars and makers resorted to their price reduction to maintain the right balance for everyone involved.

Like many top stars, Akshay Kumar too seems to have changed his rigid stand as far as his pricing is concerned. Apparently, after initially refusing to reduce his remuneration from Rs. 30 crore, the Kambakkht Ishq star finally brought it down to Rs. 20 crore.

But then there is a catch to it, tells our trade source. He reveals, “Akshay may have reduced his price but at the same time he also wants a third share in the under-production profit of the film.

Now, since profit is arrived at after deducting the cost from the total sale price, Akshay insists on knowing the cost at the time of signing the film. There shouldn’t be room for going over-budget, you see!

Now, whether producers are happy with the changed stand of Akshay Kumar or not, only time will tell!”

Well Akshay it’s like having your cake and eating it too! Huh!