I know Salman bhai's weaknesses: Sohail Khan

I know Salman bhai`s weaknesses: Sohail KhanWhile filmmakers are making films for overseas market, actor turned producer Sohail Khan has now made a film on the Kisaan of the country.

Sohail states this film will be a real tribute to the farmers of the country. On why he picked up such a different subject, Sohail reveals, “I realized that one could only see the old in the village while their children have settled abroad. This plight made me take up the subject of Kisaan."

Apart from Sohail the movie also stars Arbaaz and Jackie Shroff so why not Salman? Sohail clarifies on this bit stating, “Salman is already a star and larger than life character. I wanted someone who could balance the role.

I know Salman bhai’s weaknesses and strength so never had in mind. Kisaan is not an issue-based movie. It is more about family bonding. Several issues of farmers are part of the film.”

Sohail says that the journey, which he took during the making of his earlier film Heroes, inspired Kisaan. “My traveling experiences during Heroes made me realize what the real India is all about?

I met many farmers during this journey and I spent a lot of time with them. They were so pure in their thoughts and emotions. They speak from the heart. I realized that we are so engrossed in the superficial city life” he says.

The actor says that shooting in the interiors of Punjab itself was an experience by itself. “The panchayat and dalit scenes and dialogue appealed to the villagers while we were shooting. People came up to our director Punit Sira and told him that they were undergoing the same situation.

What I realized was that most of the farmers were under poverty line and were earning a meager Rs. 2000 per month while they own a gold mine. They have emotional bonding towards their fields and are not ready to sell it off” concludes Sohail.