This One Is For You, Tabu

This One Is For You, TabuBy Subhash K Jha

People who’ve seen Kambhakkt Ishq were pretty surprised to see Vindu Dara Singh resurface after such a long time in a fairly major part.

But there’s a good reason why we see this almost-forgotten actor occupying so much screen space with Akshay Kumar. Vindu is not only veteran actor Dara Singh’s son he is also actress Farha Naaz’s husband.

And Farha Naaz is the elder sister of Tabu, the woman Sajid once loved, and still holds very close to his heart.

According to those close to Nadiadwala casting Vindu in such a substantial role was a tribute to a woman whose family was like Sajid’s own family once.

Says a friend of Sajid, “For many years Sajid was not only close to Tabu he was also very close her entire family including her sister Farha and Farha’s husband Vindu. So when this role of a goofy Hanuman to Akshay Kumar came up in KI, Sajid immediately thought of Vindu.”

Says Sajid, “We needed someone who was Akshay’s faithful Hanuman-like companion and assistant. Vindu immediately came to my mind because he has played Hanuman on television. I wanted someone who was as goofy as Big Moose in Archies and Vindu fitted the bill.”

Sajid shies away from articulating the main reason why Vindu was cast. The Tabu factor. Though both of them have moved on Sajid has not forgotten Tabu.

Who can?