Salman Khan's Bhaiya connection

Salman Khan`s Bhaiya connectionAmitabh Bachchan has one, Sanju Baba got one and now Salman has his own- Politician on speed dial. We hear Salman was the guest of honour at the lavish bash of Member of Parliament Annu Tandon, and was seen hobnobbing with the political honchos late in night.

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Well lest you think that Salman is free-lunch types let’s remind you that it was Salman who was instrumental in Annu Tandon’s win from the Unnao Lok Sabha constituency in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections. 

It was the latka-jhatkas of our Sallu Miya that swing the UP elections in favour of Anu. Thankful for a glimpse of Bollywood glamour and endorsement the entertained Unnaoiets swing to Ballot Boxes and voted for Annu Tandon. 

Well Sallu might not have been the only factor for the vote bank, but surely, he was instrumental in garnering publicity and attention for the Tandons.

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Spotted partying at the Tandon Lok Sabha celebration bash were industrialist Mukesh Ambani and wife Nita. We hear Sallu and Mukesh Ambani were chatting up pretty cosy. Oh! Did we mention the Ambani connection is because of Annu’s Hubby; apparently, Mr. Tandon was a big-shot in Ambani’s company.

Umm we hate to be party pooper but didn’t Mrs. Annu Tandon won the Lok Sabha elections from Unnao so shouldn’t she be celebrating with people who actually voted for her? Sigh! Don’t worry Unnao, Salman will be back, after 5 years!