Shahid Kapoor reveals his ideal girl!

Shahid Kapoor reveals his ideal girl! Shahid Kapoor, heartthrob of a million young females gets candid in a chat about his ideal girl. Though he may have been linked up with many like Sania Mirza, Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra and now Anushka Sharma, but still the star maintains that he is yet to find his dream woman.

Elaborating on how his dream girl should be, the actor briefs, “She should be able to connect with me emotionally and on a day to day life. The girl should be different, but not to the extent that things doesn’t work out. Last but not the least, I know I would accept her the way she is.”

When asked about, would he tell his girlfriend to turn vegetarian, the actor quickly replies, “If she tells me to eat non vegetarian, I would not like it. Similarly, I would not tell her to leave non veg if she likes to eat that. Anyways this is a personal decision, ” he adds.

Shahid has become very shy to media when it comes to talk about his personal life. “I had a public break-up, but now I am very private about my personal life. It became too public and difficult to handle. When there is something substantial, people will come to know about it, ” he concludes.

With the list of linkups, it seems the journey of Shahid is going to be a long one.