Ash turns down Will Smith for Abhi

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has declined to co-star with Hollywood wonder-boy again.

This is the third time she has said no to the besotted Will Smith who in a BBC interview had raved about Rai-Bachchan, "She has this powerful energy where she doesn't have to say anything, do anything, she can just stand there. Anything she's making I'll be there."

Two years ago Will offered Aishwarya the comedy Hitch (later remade into Hindi with Salman Khan as Partner). She couldn't do the film due to time constraints.

In quick succession, Aishwarya has turned down two Will Smith projects.

"That's true," she laughs. "I had to say no to Will for Tonight He Comes (Smith's super-hero flick re-named John Hancock).I feel awful about it. But I've my priorities very straight. Yes, family always comes first."

Contrary to reports Aishwarya didn't decline another Will Smith project The Seven Pounds to celebrate Karwa Chauth with her husband Abhishek in Mumbai.

"That's what they wrote in the US press …that I preferred to return to Mumbai to STARVE myself for a religious occasion than to meet Will for the film. That's completely incorrect.

The script reading for The Seven Pounds was just after Diwali when Dadimaa's (Mrs Teji Bachchan)'s health dipped drastically. So I didn't make that trip out to LA for the reading with Will. Is that wrong? Not to me. I'd any day put family over career."

So are Ash and Will star crossed? "When it has to happen it will happen. We'd love to work together. There's something very charismatic about that actor. He gives off very nice vibes. He's very adventurous as an actor.

He does I Am Legend and Pursuit Of Happiness at the same time. He's an actor, rapper, and a great family man. He likes to be adventurous. I like that."