My Worst April Fool's Prank

Sophie Chowdhary: "The worst one I pulled was back in college exactly at 12.01 am. I was chatting with a guy I had just started seeing. For no reason at all I picked a fight with him and decided to break up.

He couldn't believe it. Everything between us was so perfect he just couldn't understand what had happened. He kept calling and I didn't take his calls. The kahani mein twist is that he didn't take my calls.

He had figured out my prank and decided to make me pay for it.I was so miserable thinking he had taken it all so seriously. At the end of the day we decided to call it quits and had a hearty laugh. I guess I had met my match."

Amole Gupte: "On 1 April 2006 I was chosen by Aamir Khan to begin work on Taare Zameen Par. Good joke, that one! And I don't remember pulling a joke as cruel as this on anyone, Fool's day or no fool's day.

Anupam Kher: "My cover for Cine Blitz when I posed for the femme fatale Prabha Devi. That was historic. No one knew it was me. And Prabha Devi was flooded with proposals."

Niharika Singh: "The worst April Fool's prank that I played was on one of my closest friends Tanya. I told her I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She cried and was very upset not realizing it was April Fool's day.

Next day when I told her the truth she was even more upset. No one has ever pulled a prank like that on me.I'm too smart to fall for it.

Ranvir Shorey: "The joke is normally on me since I never know when 1 April comes along. Friends uthao full fayda of my calendar blindness.

Neil Nitin Mukesh: "The worst April Fool's joke I pulled was on my cousin Naman. He was waiting anxiously for his exam results. I told him he had fared poorly. Poor guy bought it. I had to quickly tell him it was a joke.

The joke was on me when I was looking for work and one of my cousins called up pretending to be Karan Johar. When I landed up at the address given my cousin opened the door grinning. If looks could kill…

Kushal Punjabi: "No one has gotten away with an April Fool's joke on me. I'm too sharp and my antennae is always up on 1 April.

I played a prank on my girlfriend when I told her I was leaving for the States, took some suitcases bid her a tearful goodbye at the airport. When I showed up at her door she was livid rather than relieved to have me back. These girls, I tell you.

Sonu Sood: "Once my cousin called me for her wedding in Punjab. I was surprised. And thrilled. They told me it was arranged all of a sudden and that I was required over the weekend.

I quickly booked my tickets left my work and got there…only to be told the family had fooled me into coming since they were missing me.

My biggest prank was on an AD when I hid my clothes and pretended to get angry at him when he couldn't find them. While the man looked frantically for my clothes I stood right in front of him wearing the 'lost' shirt. The entire unit was in splits, but the AD wasn't amused.

Rensil d'Silva: "Once I told some media trainees they had to provide their stool and urine samples in the morning to the ad agency's resident doctor. All of them dutifully marched to the doc's door and handed over their invaluable packets to the man's wife.

Anuraag Sinha: "When I was a child my parents pulled an April Fool's prank on me by saying they were sending me to boarding school.

They later told me it was only to discipline me. However the gag turned true when some time later they did pack me off the Scindia School in Gwalior.

Since the school is situated at a historical fort we would tell our juniors ghost stories and appear out of bushes covered in white sheets to scare them on April Fool's Day. After a while the prank stopped working.Such is life.

Amrita Arora: "I haven't pulled any prank. But I got one pulled on me once.. My friend from school told me she had run away and gotten married and that I had to inform her parents. Later it turned out to be just a hoax.

Ananth Mahadevan: "The best or worst April Fool's prank I pulled was by phoning a customs official imitating Mr Bachchan's voice from KBC and telling him his friend was on the hot seat.

The friend, I told the officer, had already won 10 lakhs and wanted to know an answer. He hounded her after that wanting to know why she hadn't told him she was going on KBC. No one has yet pulled a grand prank like this on me yet. Maybe I'll get lucky this year.

Dino Morea: "The best prank would be telling my folks I got married a couple of years ago…The worst prank pulled on me was in school and dying to be a school captain.

Friends came running on 1 April to say the principal was looking for me to give me the good news. I ran into the principal's office only to be told, 'What can I do for you, son?' That's when I got it.